About the Light

Welcome to Seeing The Light.  My name is Martha Harbison. At the urging of many, I have created this website to share my personal experiences regarding the awakening process. By that I mean the process that so many of us are currently going through to remember or awaken to who and what we truly are. 

Through telling my evolving story, and by sharing the tools and resources that have been valuable to me, I hope to make this journey more accessible to regular people like you and me. Each individual awakens in his or her own way, and the awakening process is often confusing and difficult to navigate. I have found that a lot of the information out there is abstract and not all that useful.  My intention is to provide grounded and practical information, and personal assistance, as you journey into The Light.

I have lived a very normal life and been blessed in many ways.  I grew up in a small town in the southwest and had a pretty typical childhood. I had a loving dad, a beautiful mom and have a very smart older sister. Each of my family members shaped me in very specific and important ways.   I went to college in St. Louis and have degrees in nutritional biochemistry and in business.  After a successful career, I retired a few years ago at 55.  I was in a close and committed relationship for almost 30 years with my former husband, Jim, who remains a very dear and loving friend.  I enjoy two wonderful grown children who are happily married and I have two beautiful granddaughters who are a total joy to me.

My background is not that of any kind of psychic, medium or channel.  As a child I had some experiences in déjà vu and in my twenties I dabbled in developing my psychic ability.  But for most of my adult life, I was a left brained business person, parent and wife driven to perform in all areas of my life.  However, in 1997 while reading Gary Zukav’s book, Seat of the Soul, something shifted inside me that dramatically changed the course of my life.  A door opened and I stepped in.  This new path has led me to some very interesting places. 

This weblog is about my evolving journey through the joys and wonders of this new world. As my eyes become more and more accustomed to Seeing The Light, it feels natural for me to help others do the same.  Thank you for exploring Seeing The Light; I hope you will join me here often. Blessings on your journey.